Mark and Vanessa

Mark and Vanessa were married in 2006 and decided to start their life together in Austin. Shortly after moving to Texas they decided to meet with physicians to start the discussions about Invitro fertilization. Neither one of them knew what the process was, how long it would take, or the cost; they only knew it was their only option. They had initially met with a doctor in Houston and realized that they were not at all ready for the road ahead. The cost factor without insurance was hard to swallow and at this point they still believed they had plenty of time to start a family. Mark and Vanessa were both healthy and thought since they had to go through Invitro anyways, they could put it off a bit longer.

“Finding out pregnancy would be an uphill battle for me didn’t seem to weigh as much in my 20’s as it does now in my thirties. What I thought was normal pelvic pain associated with my menstrual cycle ended up being a right ovarian cyst that eventually turned into a mass which embedded into both fallopian tubes. This in turn caused irreversible scar tissue damage, making it impossible for my eggs to travel to the uterus.”

In 2011, Mark and Vanessa looked around and realized that all of our friends were starting families of their own. The pull to start a family got a bit stronger. Vanessa’s father moved to Austin from Los Angeles in the anticipation for grandchildren. It was then that they knew we were ready to meet with Dr. Vaughn, discuss the process, and put a plan in action. His first plan was to remove Vanessa’s fallopian tubes completely since they were not functional and had also developed hydrosalphinx; a fluid that collects and can reduce the risk of an embryo attaching to the uterus. Vanessa completed the surgery in July 2012.

Her Invitro process started shortly thereafter, having no idea how time consuming it would be. “The self-injections twice per day, the lab work, the ultrasounds, it was a part time job”. They found out two weeks after implantation that Vanessa was not pregnant. To hear the news was devastating to say the least. Round two was a different scenario all together. Vanessa had prepped her body for weeks with supplements, acupuncture treatments, and the knowledge of experience. Her body responded quickly compared to the first round. She made it to the important day of egg retrieval but was told that she would have to freeze the embryos instead of proceeding with implantation because her body was so “over stimulated”. The scary moment for Mark and Vanessa was when they thought back to round one and knew that none of the embryos had made it to the freezing process. However the numbers were looking good, 27 eggs retrieved, 21 healthy and viable, 18 fertilized. On day #3 twelve were better than any from round one, and on day #6 they had six healthy embryos that made it to freezing. They were more than thrilled! The next process for the couple was to thaw the embryos and pray that it would result in a healthy baby.

Mark and Vanesa were awarded their Maverick’s grant in late 2013 and completed their implantation of frozen eggs in September. After much anticipation Mark and Vanessa were able to become pregnant and are now expecting a baby girl in June 2014!

  • Date: February 12, 2014