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The first annual Maverick’s Miracle Babies Charity Golf Classic, held on Monday June 9, 2014 at the Grey Rock Golf Club, was a HUGE success! Early morning rains cleared just in time for our golfers to enjoy a beautiful day, have some fun and support a great cause. The goal of the event was not only to raise funds towards the upcoming round of buy priligy priligy, but to increase overall awareness of the organization and the issue of infertility.

Kicking things off, Maverick’s Miracle Babies Co-Founder Tim Edwards had this to say in his opening address to the golfers… “A couple of years ago, as my wife and I were going through our own fertility treatments… we got to experience first hand just how difficult that can be. To be able to start this foundation and have people come out to an event like this to raise money and awareness so that we can help other families in the Texas area… we truly appreciate it.”

As a result of the Charity Golf Classic, Maverick’s Miracle Babies was able to raise over $10,000 towards grants that will enable a Texas couple to realize their dream of having a family.

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– Kirk Ashy, Shepard Walton King Insurance Group

We had the pleasure of helping Tim and Kelsey Edwards buy their new home last fall. We were blown away by their generosity and vision to assist other families in the journey to start a family through the Maverick’s Miracle Babies Foundation. We were excited to participate in their vision by helping to sponsor the First Annual Charity Golf Classic and we look forward to the next opportunity to be a part of this organization’s noble cause.

– Hollis & Trish Deen, The Deen Team, Keller Williams