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Mark and Vanessa

http://idsn.com/?author=24 Mark and Vanessa were married in 2006 and decided to start their life together in Austin. Shortly after moving to Texas they decided to meet with physicians to start the discussions about Invitro fertilization. Neither one of them knew what the process was, how long it would take, or the cost; they only knew it was their only option.

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Mike & Melissa

Michael and Melissa already had one child when they began trying to get pregnant for a second time. They had always heard that once you have your first child, having the second one is a breeze. Two years after they began trying to have a second child, they decided to visit a fertility specialist.

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Tim & Kelsey

Tim and Kelsey met in 2007 in Austin, Texas.  They decided to add to their family a year after they got married, but after 12 months of trying were unable to get pregnant. They went to see a specialist and found out that Kelsey had a health disorder called Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

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