Maverick’s Miracle Babies

Maverick’s Miracle Babies

Experts estimate that today one in six couples is infertile. Couples facing infertility have few options other than to pursue procedures in which the typical cost of one cycle of treatment is $15,000.

Maverick’s Miracle Babies Foundation (MMBF) is a non-profit organization that strives to provide grants to underprivileged couples facing fertility complications. MMBF was founded in January 2013 after founders Tim and Kelsey Edwards faced difficulties trying to have a baby and ultimately found success with the help of fertility specialists. Tim and Kelsey experienced familial and financial uncertainty when they set out to enter the fertility procedures, but in the end were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Maverick.

Through experiencing the miracle of creating a child, Tim and Kelsey were able to understand the position that other couples, with the same challenges, have encountered. The fertility dilemma is a common, but largely unknown, problem and typically the expensive treatment options and procedures are not covered by insurance, making these choices, for many couples, too costly to consider.

The main objective of MMBF is to provide couples facing infertility with the funds to begin the process of medically conceiving a child. The hope is that by providing couples with all the associated costs, they will be able to spend less time worrying about their potential financial burden and more time procreating.

So far, MMBF has awarded one grant to a couple who was able to successfully conceive, and, over the next five years, they plan to help at least one couple per quarter, totaling to a minimum of twenty potential grantees. Each grant is worth up to $20,000 and is used until the couple is able to successfully conceive. MMBF hopes to maintain a perpetual fund that can continuously endow infertility treatments for underprivileged couples.

This September we will be hosting a silent auction so if you are interested in donating items for the auction please email us. We are always looking for more support! If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to our cause please contact us or visit our site for more information.

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