Did you know that one in six couples face infertility?  The fertility dilemma is a very common, yet largely unknown problem. Couples facing infertility have few options other than to pursue procedures in which the average cost of one cycle of treatment is $15,000. Typically, the expensive treatment options and procedures are not covered by insurance, making these choices too costly for many couples to consider.

Maverick’s Miracle Babies Foundation (MMBF) was founded in January 2013 in Austin, TX. MMBF grants provide financial assistance to Texas couples facing the insurmountable costs associated with fertility treatments. The nonprofit foundation has already helped one couple conceive and plans to help at least four couples per year. MMBF hopes to maintain a perpetual fund that can continuously endow infertility treatments for these underprivileged couples.

The main objective of MMBF is to provide couples facing infertility with the funds to begin the process of conceiving a child with medical assistance specifically IUI and IVF. The hope is that providing couples with this funding will enable them to spend less time worrying about the financial burden and more time focusing on growing their family.

MMBF was created after founders Tim and Kelsey Edwards faced difficulties conceiving. They experienced uncertainty when they entered the world of fertility procedures, and met other couples struggling with similar issues.  In the end, Tim and Kelsey were able to receive the necessary treatments and were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Maverick. Other couples are not as fortunate and their stories motivated Tim and Kelsey to start MMBF.